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this story still goes on but right now i have no more to type

hello ,i am not going to telling u my name but yeah i had a love be4 to my life was so horrible at that time . i went out with this boy like 3 years but i really did not find out if he really did love me or no. he live in pakistan. he was like i thing 20 and i did love him but not really coz i did not know if he love me or not. well it kept on goin gon ontill i saw that guy i use to love he was kissing a other girl on my uncel marriage n yes i was so sad just by looking at him n he kissed like right in front of my yes i could not believe it at first but when my cousin tolled me that this guy is not right for u . so i broke up with him coz i could not beleive that he was joking with me the hole time 3 yrs are alot if u ask me. i never even kiss that guy or even touch him ever .but soon my parents wanted me to get eneage with this person i really did not know but he loved me so much n i use to go tuturing in his house . and he just look in my eyes n i saw that true love of his not the love i had be4 . after that i use to chat with him all the time then after a year i got enegage to him ohhhhhhhhh my gosh i love him so much . i am so crazy for him n it has only been 8 months since i have been enegage to him gosh i wish love was never created coz it makes me crazy . so yeah i have been love with a person i have not touch not kissed o not even seen but that person loves me so much n i dont know why that person loves me what is in me that ,that person love me so much. And the first time he kissed me on my chics gosh i got so shy i dont know i had this weird feeling n when he kissed me that was the first day i found out that he really does love me so much .the 2nd time i kissed him was when i was in my room he give me this cute look i looked in his eyes n he looked down at my lips goshhhhhhhhh he kissed me on my lips is felt so .... if u know what that means . so after that we use to kiss all the time we got use to it i use to be shy all the times n i am still am but what can i do about it . but now i live really far far away from him coz i have to finsih my education then i will marry him after 3 years since this guy has come in my life i have forgoten everything even the first love i had that was not true . that made me cry day n night which i still do cry day n night coz i want my love to be in my arms always n forever till my breath runs out . n my dream are only one thing n that is i want my love always in front of my eyes. well this is my stories this story still goes on but right now i have no more to typ


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