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He is the Greatest Husband in the World

My husband surprised me with an 11 day vacation to Hawaii for our 20th Anniversay. He planned everything, including packing my suitcase with everything I would need. I had know clue what so ever that he planned this. Everyone else around me along with my staff knew about the trip. Even the jeweler knew. I didn't know a thing. He greeted me at my work with a limo. Thinking how wonderful, we would be gone a couple days in Vegas for our Anniversay, I gladly got in and left without to much instruction to the staff. As the day progressed, he informed me we were going to go to the pacific to dip our toes in the water. We were going to fly to San Diego. Again, I was surprised and delighted. We arrived at the airport and proceeded to Hawaiian Air. The airline person then informed us that we would be making a stop in San Diego and our final destination was Honolulu. Now, I kind of had an idea that we were heading there because of the airline. So, we flew for 5 hours and arrived in Honolulu by lunch time. We proceeded to the hotel and went to our room, to find a view to die for. Waikiki Beach. The sunset was breathtaking. It wasn't till the second night we were there, that he told me we would need to get things packed for then next day. I asked where we were going. He then told me we were getting on a ship for 7 days and tour all the other islands. We actually were on the ship on our anniversay. We had a wonderful dinner and he presented me with a beautiful Diamond necklace. That was the "final surpise" he said. We proceeded to go to Maui, the Big Island of Hawai'i, then to Kaua'i and finally back to O'ahu. We spent two more nights on Waikiki beach touring around in a convertible 2007 Corvette and then flew back home to Arizona. The entire trip was amazing and my husband is Amazing. He is the Greatest Husband in the World.


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