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everyone pray for me

we meet after ages almost like 9 or 10 years she is my cousin we started to tlk and started to hangout. i fall in love with her from da very first day i saw her. she is the most beautiful girl on da planet coz love is blind thts true i neva had tht feeling for anigirl is not a lust for sure. well i propose her to marry me but she said she wont coz she is ma cousin she said she dont like to get married in cousin. i asked her if she is afraid of some genetical problems she said no ? den i asked her to think abt it she said ok she will den she said she likes a guy she is not sure tht the guy likes him or not coz dey hav neva tlk abt marriage dey r only friends............. but well however she is da only girl in ma life i want to marry her and i m still tryin to convinced her coz i love her more then anithing on this planet . please everyone pray for me i need ur prayers. remember me in ur prayers may be once in ur life u guiz hav fallen in love wid someone. wish me good luck and i know tht she will marry me one day INSHALLAH


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