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i love da oda guy more than my husband

well this is how my storie goes when i as 13 i meet a guy who at da time i didnt now was my cousin neway i feel madly in love with him and i think maye he felt the same 2 i dnt know it was the way he looked at me
neway way he lived in a different country and kept cuming ova at every oppertunty he had he parents kept calling my parents asking my hand in marrige 2 him well as it goes i didnt have the gut 2 tell my parents that i really liked him so they refused
i have now been married 4 sometime 2 my husand who know what i felt 4 da oda guy but he loves me dearly and dosnt wana let me go
and the sad bit about it is i love da oda guy more than my husband im alway on msn hoping 2 talk 2 him i cant stop thiking about him
i can go on for ages but i wont all i can say is dat i regret not being able 2 marry him and its all my fault i havnt seen him 4 a while nw he didnt cum 2 da wedding and he hasnt cum ova afta my marriage i sumtime think maybe he still has feeligs 4 me bt i dnt now il i know is there was true love between us both ad 4 me it will remain


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