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I Built a Crush On my Boss

I was this absolutely professional woman, who is absolutely sunk in the work I do. And then comes along this boss, who is tall and handsome. And above all so nice natured and caring. I'd never thought of myself as someone attractive, but believed in working hard. And this man, softened a part in me that I thought had died many years ago.

I have this big crush on him, and suddenly the world around me changed. I took extra care to dress up and be well turned out... I could see in his eyes, that he admired me, or atleast I thought he did, and he would spend long hours at my place, to be in my company.

But we've never really said anything to each other openly about how much we care for each other.. I know he did care for me more than he did for the other team members... Or may be I was reading too much into it, because of my own feelings for him... We were very good freinds... And I will always remember him as my best freind. Who'd brought about good changes in me.

We'd had a fallout at work, and we do not communicate anymore... I am hoping someday he reads this, and realizes, that he's lost a good freind and an adoring loyal subordinate, who'll always be faithful to him in her heart.


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