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Four Years - We've Matured and Grown Together

my J `and i first met four years ago at my senior prom. He had been dating a girl I knew and had brought her to the prom. She and he had broke up not long before but they came together because he didn't want to jilt her at the prom. I had been hearing about him for years because he was really good friends with one of my best friends but we had not met before then. In the last four years we've both had relationships. None of mine have worked out. My sweet J had married to a woman who changed as soon as they merried. I remet him agin at my best friends wedding He was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. I'm not going to say we are in love or that it was love at first sight but I can see myself spending my life him. He has his flaws. I have mine but owr relationship has been great up to this point and i entend to keep him as long as i possibly can


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