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Love is the worst illness a human can experience

Love at first sight, I never believe in it until I saw her.
Love is the worst illness a human can experience. At first sight my heart, my soul, told me thats the love of my life, I said to myself, don't talk 2 her don't even meet her eyes! but it happen, I fell in love. we became the best friends in our lives, I was married, she was married, I was going through hardship in my marriage same as her, I don't know if there is anything that we don't have in common, 3 yr's to this date, we've talked about our futures together, but then one day last week, a phone call changed it all, A man called me to tell me I was ruining his relationship with his lover, I called her and it was true, she told me she meet him the same she meet me, I question her why do you break my heart, her response, I love you with all my heart and i'm sorry but, he does not leave me alone and he's been there for me so many times when I needed help, I ended it with him so many times but I just can't stop seeing him, she answers, this guy knows everything about me she told him about me and her, but he does not care, I told him that he can stay with her, I don't want her, she broke my heart and my soul, I will never fall in love again. I ask her why do you do this, she said that he knows that im in love with you, but and he's never going to leave me alone, and im so confused she answers, i am myself now seperated and she's started her divorce and say's she is leaving the state so she won't hurt anyone anymore, because she loves the both of us guys the same. her husband cheated on her 5 times, her lover is cheating on his wife, in which she said she did not know until 1 yr into the relationship that he was married, thats the reason she tries to end that relationship, She begs me to forgive her, And that she is going to end the relationship, and that i am her one and only, but guess what? I don't believe her, & my wife left me because she stop loving me, I believe my wife cheated on me too, I blame my wife because she pushed away, thats when I met my new love, but I just can't justify if my wife cheated on me. love is the worst sickness anyone can experience, believe me!!!!!!!!!! I was married for 22 yr's, all for nothing!!!!! I learn my lesson the hard way. I learned about love, It does exist, it is a disease.


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