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no one is replaceable but love is directable

When i first met you i was only looking for a prom date. i didn't intend to hook up with but rather to widen my date options. then you made me feel so comfortable. you made me laughed like i haven't laughed for ages and all the laughter was bottled up inside waiting to come out. time progress and imediately i fell in love with you. every thing was going fine until i made a silly mistake. i told the thruth. and you stopped loving me from then on. we hooked up again within a couple months. you said you till loved me but i knew it wasn't the same.
i gave you my all. my entire heart and all you did was break it. now i'm trying to move on you tell me you love me and you make me believe, then you turn around and do the same thing again. you apologied and say that your sorry for taking me for granted. you conflicted that staement the moment you brought up "playing #2" to me. i refuse to play #2. if you can't love and me alone then don't love me at all.
because i still love you, i want you to be happy. i wish you nad your girl best of luck in life. don't worry about me, i'll find some one. no one i replaceable but love is directable so i'll direct my love to someone else.
i'll still be her for you. when you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, and someone to wipe your tears. infact i'll be here whenever you need me, wanting with a smile and a word of encouragement to share and thats because i'll always love you.just not the way i used to.
i'm forever in your debt because you taught me alot of things and i'm greatful for that, so i say THANK YOU!


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