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taking risks and being persistant is key

i was on a field trip to meet the author of a book entitled emako blue when some how this courage came inside of me out of nowhere to talk to this girl i had mt ete on for while.i wanted to sit next to her on the but that oportunity was ripped away from me when we shortly got got to our destination i saw her so i asked to sit next to me she said brenda woods {talented writer of emako ble} spoke i quickly wrote poem about how i felt about her.i asked mrs. woods if i could read this poem she said yeah so i intoduced myself to all the other students from the other schools then i began to recite what i just recently wrote.after i finshed everyone was clapping and and shouting as i walked tward my seat next to the girl i liked. sha was like "that poem was cool" so then i told her it was for her she was all smiling. so we walked out the room ater briefly meeting my hero brenda woods she told me that she had some one i was knda bumbed out out but for some reason i did not want to give up that quick i had strong feelings for her so i told her to let me know if and when things go wrong. she just stood there the next day she ran up to me and hugged me. she told me her boyfreind was cheating on her. so get to take his place...basicly this story with its lenghtlyness explains that taking risks and being persistant is key when you want to be with someone


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