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He Takes Care of Me

The first time I saw him, I fell in love with him, because he had the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen; and I hid my crush from him for a year and a half. He became my best friend in that time. Finally, this year, I told him how much I loved him, over the phone of course, and he told me he had fallen in love at first sight also. So, for the couple of months after our confessions, we built a bigger relationship, and now, we're dating. A couple of weeks ago, I was sick, and he drove the fifteen miles to my house with chicken noodle soup, and skipped school that day to help me get better. I was delirious from fever, and he was kissing my forehead, and whatnot, and my fever got very high (105.4), and he took care of me. I believe he saved my life, but really, I can tell he is my soulmate; it's just one of those things you know is the earth being spherical...heh.


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