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We Fight All The Time - I Want to Marry

My Boyfriend and I met through a friend of mine. She was his girlfriend but at that time he was not looking for anything serious, so they broke up. She wanted him back and wanted me to meet him so I started talking to him and we fell in love. My friend wasn't too mad because she already liked someone else. My b/f lived 5 hours away though and that made it very hard on us. We could only talk online at first b/c of my parents. He moved to be with me after we had been together for 5 months, I was the only person he knew down here and no one could understand why he would move but he told them "he had to go where his heart was", he has been here ever since. He was my knight in shining armor. One time we were under a bridge and he did the animal crackers thing on me from the movie armageddon, That is 'our' movie. I remember how I felt at that moment about him. He is so precious to me.

We have been together for almost 3 years. For the first couple of years everything was perfect between us, we were mushy and sweet and all our friends envied it. We had alot of ups and downs though because people said we wouldn't make it and no one supported us because there was a 5 yr age difference. It was hard but we never considered leaving each other. We talked and saw each other when we could, then eventually it was easier b/c my mom started accepting us and she liked him alot. We could talk when we wanted pretty much and see each other more. Then he started hanging around some people who rubbed off on him the wrong way. The way he dressed, acted, treated me and what he wanted all changed. It was like it wasn't even him. We broke up for the first time and I was heart broken. Then he called me, (we have never been apart for more than a couple of weeks at once) Of course I wanted him back. That was about 8 months ago and we have broken up and gotten back together numerous times since then. But I have never stopped loving him.

Things have been pretty rocky for the past year but we have been completely faithful to each other, even when we are "broken up". We love each other very very much and even though we've had alot of problems I hope we will end up together. I hope we will be married as soon as we can because we have both wanted that for so long. It would be so great to never have to leave him again, that would probably solve some of our problems. We used to laugh at people who broke up and got together all the time and now we are doing it. No matter how hard I try we fight all the time but I still love him sooooo much and want to marry him. Maybe some day soon we will get our problems worked out and we can be together forever. I love him more than anything in the world. He is my life.


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