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But I found out he was married

I've fallen head over heels over a guy who might not have a clue, that I have had a little crush on him, that has turned into something more real.

He wasn't that attractive but to me he was the most amazing guy I've ever seen. He was older than me but that didn't seem to matter. As time went by the more I saw him not as my delivery guy but a friendship that grew. We talked every Thursday.

But I found out he was married. That broke my heart. Yet I still yearned to love him even more. Even though he belonged to someone else, that did not matter to me at all.

I knew I was in love since the first day I saw him. I can't explain what his presence did to me. Since I've seen him I haven't been the same, it seems everytime I saw him I'd gasp for air. I know its wrong to love man, that is already married, but you can't hel what the heart wants. I've tried to get him off my mind but, he has become all I ever want to think about.

I still talk to him... I wish I was the one he was in love with. My heart is still not the same. I feel like he is the only one that can fix my broken heart.

He should feel pretty lucky, because he has a girl checked, who would do anything for him. I wished he loved me....

* But don't give up on love because there is
always someone who loves you, even if
it's not the person you were hoping for...


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