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You know how to reach me

I just received the best news of my life...

The best news that means the world to me. Past seven years,
I have been in complete hurt.

Today, I received what is just shocking and so astounding to me... I'm in shock. I can't recall when my happiness and dreams put me into such a shock!

The thing that would make me even more happy than I am now, is nowing you loved me like I love you.

Knowing if you loved me like I love you.

I can't believe (still in shock) that my biggest goal in life,------ just happened. I was given the chance at my biggest dream. But, now to complete my life-long dream would be to know the one that I really loved, loved me and even though the differences we had, we're really "different," at all.

Even if he never comes back.... I'll always have a place in my heart only for him. I love him, but if he's not around,
my heart will still ache, but I will be just fine.

I was successful at the "biggest thing," that I ever wanted.
To me, if I can't have the love of my life, at least I know I got the "goal of my life."

Best to you. I won't play your games. My love I have to offer, is not to be considered a game. Call me "old fashioned," but I'm proud of it.

I want you in my life... But, I certainly don't need you, nor would I ever beg you. You're the one who loses out, because I offer the "REAL thing." If you're too blind to see it... Then who cares?

I will love until the day I die.

When I love... I love. If you're too arrogant to see it.. Good luck, because I can tell you now, the way you are....It'll be a long time before you will ever find someone "close to comparison of me." I'm attractive, I'm cute, nice figure, whatever. But the thing that stands out, the thing that holds the most importance, is that I am real and you know it. I will love you forever. But, I need noone.

But, I know you already know that. ;)....

But, I do know I love you. Life can have so many great things, so many hurtful things. All I know is I love you. I was offered the most incredible thing I have ever wanted in my life. It saddens me that the one I would love to share it with is .....not here. You know what? You know how I feel. Although, somehow, I feel you are the best, if you're not here to share my successes, then best of dreams to you. I might love you. I might adore you. But, I don't need you.

Think carefully once again. You show your interest, but not
your love. I don't need love. I have myself. I don't need you. But, I love you. If you aren't around. Cool. I'll be just fine without u.

You know how to reach me. Too many others that make me realize I don't need to play your silly little game. You're no spring chicken,..... So good luck!!! Stop visiting my profile, unless you want something. If you don't, then, please move on. If you do, know I will alwasys be around for you. I will love you until the end of time...But, I won't always be around waiting...My second dream in my life does not reqauire for me to survive. I've always done well enough all by myself. I've been a success in my first dream. Good enough for me.... I don't need to be around. But, if you want to; then I hope you will be.


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