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He was my knight

He is perfect in every way,shape and form.He has the most beautiful blue eyes,so deep you'd be lost for days looking in them.He was the type of guy that made me feel like we were on the Titanic looking over at the water and falling in love.He was the perfect guy all girls wish they could find.Sweet,good looking,great personalty,funny,the PERFECT guy.When I was feeling sad He'd bring me flowers or write a cheesy love song(which I still have).He made me feel emotions I never knew I had.Feelings I thought you couldn't achieve at this age.He was my knight.We went out for six months-six long sweet beautiful months.But...broke up because he moved away and we didn't see much of eachother.I wish it didn't end and he was still in my arms today-at this very moment.I've gone out with other guys but none of them make me feel like I was in a fairytale.None of them look at me with passion.Sine we broke up we've stopped talking which I hate because I miss him so much and I love him so much.All I want is to hold him,kiss him and hear him say I Love You.


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