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So much Love is out there

One previous day, I met this guy. It wasn't that he was adorably witty and intelligent and crafty, but he delivered some kind of context I have never experienced before. We went out, whatever, no biggie. He just kind of captured me and I really don't know how, nor why. Just off guard in a snese, I suppose.

He eventually disappeared, heard he has married since. Still wonder of him ever so often and hope he is well.

But the thing is, it's kind of bugging, because I don't ever look back. I think I might of more than liked him, but according to my friends, they are trying to convince me it's just the challenge I am after. I don't think that that is the case, but, since he's not here, who knows...

I think that one day I might find someone who deserves my love and realizes what I have to offer. I might of loved him, I don't know. My friends are right. It was kind of an odd, disceet, surreal experience I will probably remember forever. When I experience his (discreet ways), it brings a smile to my face along with a hugelaugh. (he was so crafty with a special sense of humor you'd have to try to understand). Not sure how to describe the entire experience of it all, but at the least the time that freed myself of boredom was "good enough."

So much Love is out there. I have no doubt, that there will be one day when it approaches my way. I have no doubt that when the right way is here, I will feel what love is all made up to be.


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