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it's about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. :)

The typical story...
A boy, a girl, and a connection <3
We met one day on the way to lunch in high school as he bumped into me (although he adorably argues I bumped into him). I dropped my books (typical) and he helped me pick them up (typical). We chatted and walked to lunch, he bought it for me (typical), we walked outside and ate on the football field while the cheerleaders practiced. I couple days later, he asked me out and we went to this really cool 60's diner down in an old little town called Faircity Tri- County. We shared a float out of two straws and afterwards we sat on the cozy grass hill with the stream running 10 ft down the hill with a glass like blue cool. The sun was setting and we laid back to stare at the stars, then he rolled over and kissed me. Not a peck, not a sloppy one either, just a perfect, passionate kiss. That evening was perfect and not impossible. Everyone dreams of the perfect date like that, and it happened to me, so I can tell you, stop dreaming and don't look where you're going in the hallway to lunch! Love is out there, it's not about having the perfect person... it's about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. :)


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