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Honey, you are too perfect for me

I was on this dating site but never thought of it seriously, 'though I was seriously in search of my soulmate. Well, I do always believe the real essence of the word "soulmate".

After 4 days and on my 2nd visit to this site, I clicked on this guy's name with the hope he'd accept my invite, and so he did! We both didn't have pictures posted, so we were merely enjoying our e-conversation. For that single chat we had, I felt the connection in an instant. I enjoyed talking to him and 'though it was too late my time (I am in Asia and a 12-hr ahead of his time), he just perked me up with his wits and yeah I felt I do wanted to talk to this guy more often.

In less than a week, and it may be cheesy to others but I gave my yes to him and he gave me a promise ring. Whoo hooo! We continued on talking on phones hours and hours everyday and on puter, too, and we never get tired but just grow more in love with each other.

Now, in just a matter of month, and having known him better and having surpassed some trials we have had, I can say that I do love him so much and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know our relationship, being far from each other, will be more based on TRUST, LOVE & RESPECT, and I have all of those toward him and I know he feels the same just as much.

Honey, I love you so much more than anything else. You make me sooo happy, and I can truly say I haven't been this happy with anyone else before, and I don't ever wanna lose you. I have given in my feelings and life to you and I know you do the same to me. Nobody and nothing will ever meddle in our love and I just know in my heart that soon enough we'll be together to fulfill our dreams of being together.

I really don't know what I would do without you, hun. I know it may be hard for others to believe on how far we have gone through, the great love we have for each other in just a month but I just know this is part of God's plans for us. HGe just given me the best man in my life and you are more than the man I expect to have. Honey, you are too perfect for me. I do believe you and trust you and I ask that you believe that.

Ok honey, I feature our love story on here so you'll know what it means to me. You mean the world to me!!!! You are my life, hun! I love you soooo much!!!!


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