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i'm going wherever you are!

to my gwapo asawa~

your email makes me melt as much as your voice melts me, too. hehe. honey, you are what i think about, too, all the time no matter what i do and wherever i am, and i'm very happy with thoughts of you. yeah i mostly start and end my day on puter with you but i don't mind it because i'm just too happy talking with you. and should i say i've never ever been this happy before. i love you that much, honey!

since you came into my life, i've never ever felt so lonely anymore. yes, i've never been alone, i've always been a lot of people around me, but honey, i felt so alone. i felt so empty. there's something in me that was missing and i had to find out who's gonna fill it up. honey, you are that missing piece of me. you totally complete me, hun. you are definitely my soulmate and i'm very,very happy that you're the one for me because i really do find you too perfect for me. yes, i always prayed for the best guy for me, and aaahhhh you are even more than i thought. you are perfect for me and it's amazing you find that i am to you as well. mmmwah!

i know you will be a great husband and dad to our kids and might also be a good servant of our creator. you have great desire to know God and that's just too awesome. i am more than willing to teach you about what i have known about him and what i believe in, honey. we'll be teaching each other a lot of things we know ~ our culture, languages (i want to learn portu and better english), sex/ make love hehe, etc. oh honey, i just can't wait for us to start a life with each other. mmwah! i do love you hun and there's only one man i want in my life and that's YOU! only you!!! and oh yeah honey, i'm going wherever you are! mmwah! i don't know what i'm gonna do without you, hun!

you take care and be safe always. never ever forget i do love you so much ~ tooo maaaach!~ and i do need and want you so bad! i'm always missing you honey! talk you soon today. i hope to hear your voice again. you've got a very nice voice, too, very honestly, and i just can't get enough talking with you.

i love you,too, too much!~


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