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" Why do roses represent love, when a rose always dies"

Rochelle I have loved you longer than you thought, evan when i was with Jaz. I didn't believe people when they said Long-term relationships don't work out. They were right. When someone is in love they look at people who havn't expierianced it yet and they almost feel sorry because they are missing out. But really they don't feel it because they dont know how it feels. They see it in movies and think oh that would be grand, but really have no idea what it is. It is until you have broken up with someone is when you find out how much is lost. Those who find their one and never brake up are luckier than they know, evan when they know how lucky they are. This analgies to life. Those who climb a mountain and slip at the begging get a bruise but those who get to the top and slip die.
So I leave saying my favorite saying " Why do roses represent love, when a rose always dies" good bye world


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