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i wil never be able to love anyone again.

we met by coincidence. some might say a mistake. i was texting a guy i met once and he gave me this other number to text saying it was his other connection. when the replys became really wierd i still did not know that this number was his friends and it was the friend that was texting me. the conversation got heated up and we faught and the next day the friend appologised and explained that it was him that i was texting last night. so we got talking and found out that we had many things n commen so within a week we were good friends... one day i was very upset about my x saying bad things about me and this guy was there to help me thrugh and from that point we became closest friends and we both agreed that the oppersite sex is stupid when it comes to relationships.. but soon we fell in love with each other ut did not want to tell the other because we both knew we were not ready for a relationship and also i had to leave to uni in a year. and we did not want a fling. my birthday was approching and 3 days before my birthday he let out the secret that he loves me and i said i do too . but we agreed to stay friends. we met for the first time on my birthday im the zoo and we clicked like we were nmade for each other.. our feelings overread the promice to be friends and just before i had to go home he kissed me and that was my first and best kiss ever. a few days later he came and told me he needed to talk because he had done somethng and was really upset and confuced. so we met and he told me that he had got drunk the last night and dirtydanced with a girl and he htought he liked her. it was the time i felt so hurt yet did the heardest thing in my life. i told him that i forgive him and if he thinks he likes that girl to go for her but not to hust himself. he had tears in hs eyes. i knew he could have just lied to me and not told me and he felt guity. i let him go because more than all i wanted him to be appy because that day i realised i loved him.that night i prayed that if i cant have him that he would find a perfect girl he will really love. we desided to stay has been almost a year. we are still friends. Many guys have asked me out and they are good guys too but now a year later i realised not only did i love him i wil never be able to love anyone again.


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