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We both knew we're soulmates. The fire never simmered.

The fire never simmered. When I was in 4th grade, I got together with my boyfriend Chris. We were the talk of the school. Class validictorian and all-round bad boy. We were both always down at the principles office, though for opposite reasons. For every A+ on my spelling test, him for every slight action of naughtiness. :) We didn't get to see very much of each other while at school. The days that he wasn't suspended he sat right behind me in class. We would constantly talk. So much that we got seperated. During our recess he was mostly in sanction, sitting up against the wall. (One of the few times we got to spend recess together, he ended up getting suspended for sticking up for me because I was being bullied by a 6th grader with a food name. Like Cookie, Candy, Cinnamin, or Muffin...) He walked me home from school every day, taking a major detour, and having to cross the highway. I told him that it was too dangerous for him to keep doing that. But he wouldn't hear it. No one was going to pick on me as long as he was around. We spent every waking moment together outside of school. We went Christmas carolling together, bowling, to science museums,... (Our parents were pretty supportive of our being together, as you can probably tell.) We brought out the best in one another. He behaved himself, and was my protector. While I became more bold and self-secure. But then we got bad news... My family was going to be moving. Not just to a different state, but to a different country. When that time came our goodbye was bitter-sweet. We knew we wouldn't see each other for a long time. but in our hearts, we both knew we'd meet again. We kept in contact for about three years. Phone calls, letters,... All the while being faithful. After both moving on several occassions (we were both military bratts) we lost touch. Now, almost ten years later. We've found each other. And that feeling is still there. After catching up, we're back together. I'm moving from East Coast to West to be with him. We both knew we're soulmates. The fire never simmered.


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