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I was looking for a special one i couldnt find it looking in streets then finaly realize that i can try on the i started to chat whit people it passed a couple of months and i met this girl idk her name idk her in real person the only thing i know is her nickname over the months her and i start on talking and we started a good friendship.....then it passed 2 years and i asked her once if she likes me..she said in a very good yes....but i diddnt know how to take that at the beginning i thought it was stupid she was kinda far away from me.....but i take a second thought so i told her to give me ur phone number and i call her then we started talking more on the phone than on the computer.....sooo everytime it was more often that me and her were on the phone....then i realize i was in love with her....

i never told her that i love her untill one day that she called her friend and her friend say who is the guy on the phone and i said im her boyfriend and she was kinda surprise that i said that b.c i never ask her out ...but what was my surprise that she said that i am her boyfriend and we get off the phone and i called her the next day and i finally ask her out and she said yeah a week later on the computer after i tell her how much i was dieing for her i finally tell her that "i love u"...her answer "is a very strong word" but she said "i love u 2" 1 year later we are still together and happy and we are planning....................


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