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Never Give Up on a Good Relationship

I first met her in the first day of school in grade 9. We were about 15 years old at the time but now I'm 19 and going to college. We didnt talk much when we frist met but everytime we were aorund eachother we would both feel really nervous and I always thought to myself that this girl liked me. Well we talked almost everyday and in our sophmore year we hooked up. We were together almost everyday and talked on the phone every night. Everyone that saw us together thought that we were perfect together. I could tell she was really happy everytime we were together.

We were together for about a year or so and things were going great until we got into a fight one night. A lot of things were going on in my life during that time and at the time I thought the best thing to do was end my relationship with her. She was crushed when I told her I needed a break but at the same time she understood what I was going through.

Junior and senior year pass, we still talk but not as much as we used to talk when we were together. Her and I both dated other people but none of those relationships really meant anything. Then the end of senior year is approaching and everyone is getting ready for prom and getting there dates ready and stuff. Well if you know me I dont prepare to well for stuff and by the time I knew it, it was 3 weeks before prom and I dont have a date. The only person that wanted to ask to prom was her. Well I ask her and she tells me she already has a date. After she told me that I was crushed! So one night about a week or so before prom she calls me to tell me how she felt. She told me she ditched her prom date to go with me and how much she missed me when we werent together.

We went to prom and had a great time. We were voted prom king and queen. A night that I will never forget. We hung out all summer and we were considered a couple again. Then summer ended and she has to go away for school. The only problem is that she going to be living on the other side of the country. At first I didnt want her to leave but she had no chioce. We talked almost every night but the phone conversations got shorter and shorter as the days passsed and eventually we stopped calling eachother. A year has passed since I last talked to her and I still think about her every night. I know deep down inside she still thinks about me and wants to come back home. I tried moving on and met alot of new girls but no one will ever fill her shoes. She was my first love and GIRLFRIEND. I never felt this way about anyone and I MISS HER LIKE CRAZY!! I havent talked to her for about 6 or 7 months now and I called her just before typing this story and she told me she feels the exact same way I do. She was planning on moving back home after this semmester but her plan was to keep it a secret from me. She was going to surprise me one day and show up at my door to tell me shes back home. I TRUELY LOVE THIS GIRL and cant see myself without her.

SO my advice to everyone is to not give up on your relationships. EVERY relationship will have its ups and downs but the only way you can tell if people are meant to be together is by not giving up. Everyone will find there true love one day but hopefully you dont find someone you can just live with, find someone you cant live without.


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