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lips touching we drew back astonished

" My Love Miracle " By: Harleigh wood
It all started when i first moved here to Jack , AL. The new school , making new friends it was very hard for me especially since I was super shy !Everyone thought i was in love with some boy named Ryan but I wasn't , so I continued to allow people , even ryan , to believe that since noone ever listened to me . I was in fact , falling head over heels for a boy named Dustin .He was like me quiet , shy , and off to himself .A month or two went by and in October I finally recieved a phone call from him . He told me of how he thought i was beautiful , sweet , and down to earth.I couldn't believe my ears and told him of how each day I thought of him and wished he was my boyfriend .He then asked me why I never asked him out . In a low voice I mummbled " I thought you would turn me down , so I was afraid " . He replied " Turn you down ? I'd never do that to you !" That's when we decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend .A year later on a field trip to the Planeterium we approved our love with a kiss . Since it was pitch dark in there , we were trying to find each other and that's when it happened . We bumped into each other , lips touching we drew back astonished .Instead of giggling and running away screaming like a 7 year old , we held hands and snuggled with each other ! That was the start of our great relationship . Three years have rolled by and it's soon to be four and Dustin and I are still together !


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