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But i'll always secretly love her

My love story i guess is like any other you would here except there's someone different writing it. Her and I have been friends for 4 years. We dated the first year we met, but she ended it about a month into the relationship. We were still into eachother for a couple months, but then we finally eneded it. For a about two years it was great, we went everywere and saw everything together. We talked everysingle day, we were at eachothers houses everyday. Every second of every hour of everyday we have been together. Then i slowly started to relise why i love her so much. Then my love for her grew very vigorously. I love being with her. We work together we practicly live together. Except there's one problem.
She doesnt feel the same way. Its the hardest seceret i think i've ever had to bare. Its not like i have to bare this seceret. Im choosing to hide it from her. But for good reason. I fear if i tell her the truth, she'll get scared and crowded with disgust. Its my biggest fear in life right now, to be shut down from her. Im not ready for that now. Im so confused deeply with the answer i seek right now. But im just gonna try to stick it out right now, and just be there for her as the best friend that i can.
But i'll always seceretly love her.


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