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We're Trying Long Distance

We worked together over the summer and slowly we got to know each other. Sometimes I would hang out with him after work. Then I got the hint that he might like me. Well I talked to him about it and we decided that we liked each other. We were going to try to make things work out and just start hanging out more. The bad thing was is that he was moving away back home at the end of the summer and he lived four hours away. I wanted to try and make things move faster so we would be together. He told me we needed to just keep hanging out and take things slow. Eventually at the end of the summer he had to move. We decided things wouldn't work out. Then when I went to say bye to him the night before he left he said he really wanted to be with me. So we went on a walk and talked about it. We decided it would be hard but we wanted to try it anyway. We're dating now and I hope things work out!


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