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it will last me until I do find a true love of my own.

The most recent story "I'll always love her" reminded me of a story of my own. This story is both sad and hopeful that even after 11 years of heartache, I know that I am still capable of love. I was 21 when this cute, charming young pre-law student (John Doe) fell hard for me, only, at the time, I had my eyes on his best friend. The best friend and I started a relationship which lasted a very long 9 years. Shortly into our relationship JD started seeing someone and it didn't take long for me to realize that I regreted not giving him a chance. As my relationship progressed so too did my respect and admiration for JD and it was clear (if only in my heart) that JD felf the same. Years went by and the feelings grew stronger but I never let on, nor did he. Out of loyalty we never told each other how we felt. I dreamt about him awake and in my sleep; my mind never strayed off him. I knew without a doubt that he was my soul mate. More years passed and finally JD found a new love and got engaged. Of course I fought with myself even harder to let go of my feelings for him but I couln't shake it. He married, then one day while JD and I were alone he told me how he felt about me for all those years. Like me, he held onto the thought that one day we would end up together. Unfortunately for us, that day would never come. Although it was nearly eleven years later, I can at least be happy knowing that my feelings were not in vain...he loved me too and if that is all I can have of him, it will last me until I do find a true love of my own.


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