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i love the one i'm with 2x more then i ever did with the first one.

my love story will have to starte at the school dance. you see there is this girl i've secretly loved for a year and a half, and i finally got to slow dance with her and i felt something there and a week later i asked her out but she was already going out with some one else so i just tried to let her go and be a good friend but it didn't work i decidedtotalk to her about how i feltbut as i got to school this really pretty girl who i talked to about how i felt stoped me in the hall and told me "i know you lie her but as we talked over th last two months i feel like i realy know you and i want to give use a try and if it dosen't work we can be friends i hope." but 2 years later and we are still together and i've lost interest in the other girl and ilove the one i'm with 2x more then i ever did with th first one.


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