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always finishes first on the track

I really liked this guy but I didn't even think he knew who I was I mean we talked in gym but thats just because we are both really fast and finish first so when we are waiting for someone else to finish it is just (about) a minute of me and him. But then one day I was going over to talk to his friend one of my best guy friends and my crush was saying somethinkg to him i remember his exact words "Do you know that girl who always finishes first on the track?"(unfortunatly that his what he knew me as) and his friend said "Yeah _______" (my name was the line of underscores) my crush said "do you know who she likes" my friend "No why" my crush "cause shes hott I am so asking her out" but scince I over heard I went up to my friend and said can you ask out ___________ for me" my crush heard me and said "yes!" we have been going out now for 4 months.


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