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my ex still loves me

Well hello everyone,my story goes like this,I was with my ex for like 4 years and 1/2,but somebody got in our way and then we broke up,because of this person and his mother those ladies are evil,this 2 witches did some kind of buddu to separate us, and it work,I personally don't believe in those wierd things.
well the thing is no matter what they did to take him away from me we still are seen each other,we broke up like 3 years ago and we haven't stop seen either us,and he's always telling me that he want to have a child with that he want me to be the mother of his childrens,and not her,he also told me that we are goin to be separate from each other the day that he fie or I die,so for me that sound that my ex still love me,no matter what or who and for me I don't consider him my ex,well in a way he is but in another his not.thank you


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