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A Guy I Didn't Know Kissed Me

Well I'm the kind of girl who has never really felt true and pure love. One day I was with my best friend and we were haning out with some people she knew down in the "town hang out spot". Anyway I didnt know anyone and there was this one guy my age who was moving and like it was his last night and he was going around hugging people and he hugged my friend and then he hugged me well everyone except me , him and my friend went away and we were just sitting there hugging and my friend gets up to go get something its just me and him and his arms are still around me but it didn;t feel weird it was good and I was like you know my friend would be really freaked out if we kissed so we did and it was a good kiss and then he said he liked my eyes I swere I fell in love and then he had to leave it sucked big time. But he showed me that I am beautiful for just being me and I'll never forget it. Always expect the unexpected because life can be unexpecting.


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