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He's Single Now - Will It Work Out?

Last year I was a Freshman in College and lived in the dorms. The first time i saw him my heart skipped a beat. This was the first time it had ever done that. Me and this guy S started to become friends and hung out every day. We flirted and always had a good time. Although he was dating someone at the time, I knew i didn't want to be the other girl. When we were drunk we talked about what could have been but never did anything about it. Well as the year drifted on we drifted apart and at the end of the year we started to become close friends again. Well summer came and we only talked every so often. This year began at school and i Just saw him again. And again my heart skipped a beat like before. He told me I needed to give him a call so we could hang out. I hope something happens this time around. He's not with his gf anymore.


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