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I Waited for Him to Be Available

I don't know how to start but i'll try.
1 year ago I mead a guy, he is the same age like I am.
A couple of months later we we're hanging out and stuf like that, but we weren't a couple yet. One day he told me in a message he had a little bit feelings for me so i send him back that i like him very much, and that i really want to have a relationship with him. The next day i heart from him that i wanned to wait with the relationship because he was with anohter girl at the moment. I said okay i'll wait but i can't do anything about it if i ones gona kiss ya.
So we hanged out for a long time, finally he dumped her and we jumped in eathothers arms.
I am very happy i found him ,
luv ya 4-ever


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