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We've Been Together Two Years

I have met my angel...she is unlike any other. We are in band together, and when I first saw her, I was breathless. I was so scared to talk to her because she is the most beautiful thing in my world, no matter what anyone else says. She is the cutest girl I know, and she is really sweet. I couldn't talk to her because everytime I tried, I choked. I knew she was interested too because she was always glancing at me. I would smile at her, and she would give a little smile too, but I still couldn't talk to her. So one day I decided to ask her to a dance. I stuttered, but she smiled, and said "okay." That was the best okay i ever heard in my life. I nearly cried.

Now we have been together for almost 2 years, and it is still as strong as it was in the beginning. She has such a cute voice, the kind that you would never want to hear crying. I have never heard her cry, and that is how I want it to be. I want to protect her with all my strength because she is the most precious person to me, and I would give up all the money in the world. I love her more than the fish in the sea, the sand on a beach. I love her so much. I want to grow old with her...she is the best...


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