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We were Kissing Cousins

I fell in love with my cousin. We spend all the time together.. like going to movies,dinners,hanging out in general. At the time it didn't feel like a boyfriend,girlfriend relationship... But being with each other we starting to do things that shouldn't have happened but did. First I thought it could be infactuation but it felt so good to be with him and he felt the same..We did express our love for each other one day.although he didn't express his feelings in words very well. I had to keep asking him how he felt... We hid our love for each other in front of the family and pretended like nothing was there... It was really difficult for me to do this as a woman.

Our families are so close that I knew that our relationship couldn't end up in a marriage; it would have destroyed the whole family and caused a lot of problems. We both knew that, yet we manage to continue are love for each other... After almost 3years of our mysterious relationship,with fell apart with a discussion.. I met other people and fell in love with a guy whom I'm married to now. It was husband makes me really happy and I don't thing i can ever leave him. I still talk to my cousin regularly and it's a bit awkward sometimes because of what we shared. He will always be an incomplete chapter in my life. We still feel the same about each other till this day and always will.


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