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i miss him soo much but i really love him like crazzy!

there was this guy one day who came into my life out of no where! first time i met him on the internet!!he waz a very good family friend..but i never noticed him like that!he barly existed in my life untill we met in reality!I met him in Pakistan. As soon as he saw me he fell in love with me..(love at first sight) i never believed in that so i waited...i thought it might be lyk one of those other crushes that i had in the past! so i was lyk w.e. n i left him. i came back to america! during my america ride on the airplaine i realized! i was lyk omg i think i love this kid! well anywayzz i came to america...he use to call me up every single day and night waiting for my answer..but i use to reject him because i was still unsure of myself..but he never gave up! for a whole month he kept trying and trying! But one day i realize i think i should tell him that im starting to have feelings for him too!So i did! The day i told him he wasss sooo happy, the most happiest person alive! Now both of us have been going out for almost about 6 months...
there is a problem! my parents are planing my marrage! they want me to get married with some other kid! they dont no anything about my boyfriend said we would run away and get but how can i do that to my parents!but how can i also do that to my love! the love of my life! i love him like crazzy i could give up my life to stay with him i promise ill give up everything just to be with him forever! the worst part is that we cant even see each other at all...hez soo far away from me i wish i could just be with him rite now! long distance relationships are hard but u cant do anything about it when ur in LOVE!!! i just wanna c him for the last time then i wont even be skard of death! i wanna hold his hands, kiss him just once atleast, stay in his arms just once! i miss him soo much but i really love him like crazzy!


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