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i really wanted him back but i was scared of my dad in case if he found out

im liza and im only 15...i meet him last year he is sooooo totaly different from other guys.He's 18 now and we're still together my love story is not one that is going to have an ending! you might be thinking yeah yeah whatever everyone syas that but no its not like that with me you wont believe it but when i dont talk to him i do through hell and i faint and it hasnt happend once or twice it's happened many times. He's loved me since i was a kid when i was 7 and he was around 11 or 12 and he started liking me and his family and my family all knew thata he like me! this was all back im my country and now im in london and i've come here 7 years ago and i didnt even know him but my mum always used to talk about him and tell me how much he loved me and once he had took and knife and treaten my mum that he will hit her with it if she dont give me to him in the future. when i mum used to tell me all this stuff i found it cute but stupid because i believed he was just and kid but by chance one day my dad took his email address and said to talk online with his family and that was the first day we the first day i didnt even remember him or had a clue who he was we just chatted and i went offline..the next day when i went online again i saw i had an email and i went in my inbox to check who it was from and when i checked it was from him and i read it and in there it said . .... ... that stand for i love you thats how he has written it and i didnt really understand what it meant and when he came online i asked him and he goes that he wanted an answer and i go for what and he goes for him saying i love you and than i started saying yeah yeah i have heard it before and i dont believe in love because it's all a game and so on and it carriedo n for months until he finally got me saying yes to him and when i said yes he was so happy and for the first time i felt special. After that we got closer and closer and i was getting more scared as time went by thata my dad dont find out about us because he's very strict towards things like this...we got more and more closer day by day and one day i decided that i didnt want anymore relationship with him because i was scared my dad would find out and he went mad when i said i think we should break up he used to stay online till 3 4 at night at just sit there lookin at ma email address and screen name and he cryed his head of and so did i. i really wanted him back but i was scared of my dad in case if he found out. Than i relised it was impossible to live withour him so i rang him up and made up and since than we have been together and thnigs have been going well and i love him so much but the only problem is that he's in a different country to me. The things he say;s to me just drive me more and more crazy about him and the way he talks about me makes me feel so special i love him to bits and i know every girl would say this but im saying it and im serious if anyone else touches him i would burn myself or that person he is my life he is my world and i trust him that he wont leave me just like that and if anything comes in between us i will distroy that thing...i love him so much and im scared of losing him...i have been reading about girls losing their boyfriends and im so scared about losing him and if i lose if im probably not going to live in this world anymore its either him or no one...


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