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A Crush Became Dating

I was starting my freshan year in high school and before school started i head about this boy that just moved to our school he was on the cross contry team and everyone was gushing about him, but friends on the cross contry team pointed him out to me i thought he was cute but not a hole lot of tought went in on him because he was a junior a little out of my leauge and one of my friends had the hugest crush on him.

On Labor Day weekend i was hanging out with my friends and then the new guy came over because one of his good friends he made at our school was over by me, we all started talking and then the new guy was talking about something funny that happened at his old school. then after a while me and him started talking and just clicked, we spent the whole weekend together, people were wondering what was going on between us, i didt even know, all i knew is that he was starting to grow on my and i was getting weak in the knees for him and all i wanted to do was talk to him and get to know him.

When the weekend was over and heaed back to school he asked me for my number at the end of the day, i talked to my friend that liked him and asked him if it was ok if i liked him and that i might want to go out with him, she seemed ok with it but i know deep down she hated me for it. Well he called me, he is a very talkative guy i was exspectig him to say somhing about us but nothing happened so we said our good-bye's and went to bed.

When i got to school the bell rang for the 1st period and he came up to me and he asked me out and said he wanted to ask me out on the phone but thought in person would be better, i said yes and we have been going out ever since i love him deeply and i hope we never stop loving eachother.


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