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In Love at 16 - Married at 18

I had went to Dominican Republic for the first time and I was supposed to go to the country to see my mom family but instead I went with my uncle wife to her house in the city. At first I wanted to leave . By the way I was 16 years old. I was sitting down outside and I seen this cute, sexy, light brother walking toward me with a soccer shorts and a tank top. I loved him and he came up to me and says how would I like to be his wife. I said that I'm not from here and I'm not interested. I was in denial. He sit there and we started talking. He was 22 years old. I was interested in him but the thing is that he came from a very poor family.My Aunt felt that he was not up to my level based on the income. I took him to my families and spend each day, night with him. He showed me how to kiss because I was not exposed to that. We kiss, hold hands and almost made love. I couldn't eat, sleep and was crazy in love with him. I left and went back to New York I kept in touch with him.We were madly in love that next year I went to visit and the love was good, with such tenderness and caring. My family talk and says that he is not good enough for me. I didn't listen they says that he wanted me to give him papers. I didn't look at it that way because I really love him with every breathe that I take. As soon as I turn 18 I went to go and married him. I'm happy that I had made that decision because I would of missed out. I really love him and nobody can change that because I believe that it was destin for us to be together. My family has appreciate him and his working and we are hoping to have children. We are running into our six years and I thanked god . He was born on september 1st and I was born on the 30th as you can see it was meant for us to be together. I love my baby till the time that god take away my last breathe.


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