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My Boyfriend was Controlling - I Then Found my True Love

My dark prince. I found my love in an unusual time in my life, you see it all started when my brother wrecked my car. I was in the middle of selling my car when I got an instant message from some guy who wanted to look into buying it for a parts car, so he came over and looked at it, well we hit it off sorta and we started seeing each other more and more he introduced me to his best friend and to his family and some other friend and I did the same with him.

After a few months he purposed to me well shortly after that things took a turn for the worse and he started showing his true colors, I turned to his best friend in hope for some advice in which his best friend was more then happy to try and help him get outta the mess he made for himself. after awhile the best friend could no longer help him out because he just kept digging his hole deeper and deeper. One day I decided to cut my hair I came home and he came over not knowing what I had done after he FINALLY saw my hair he yelled at me for cutting it, I got very upset with him and sent him away, I got on the phone called his best friend to see if I could just talk to him for a lil while, well he came over and we went to a local drag strip where we could both just relax and have fun watching the cars and talking about our lives and hope and dreams, and what I was going to do about that certain someone who yelled at me for cutting my OWN hair.

After the drag strip we went downtown and just walked around and talked till the sun came up, that night I realised that his best friend meant mroe to me then he did, and it only became clearer as tiem went on. A few weeks after the night we went to the dragstrip I went on vacation to Colorado for a week, that entire week I only thought about him, no one else just him. when I got back he was the first person I called, he was the first person I saw, I missed him more then anyone or thing, a couple of days after I got back I told my bf I was tired of the way he was treating me and that I didn't want to see him again. A week after I got back my prince of darkness and I became a couple and it has been wonderful ever sine. I Love him very much and do not know what I would do with out him, he is my prince of darkness.


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