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And I worry that a love like this is too good to be true.

So two years ago I met the perfect man. We wasted no time moving in together, everything seemed wonderful, I knew he was the one I wanted to marry and settle down with. I had no doubts in my mind. After a year and a half together, while he was sneaking around to buy me an engagement ring, I met someone else. I started talking to this other guy more and more and it became understood to the both of us that we were falling in love with one another. Meanwhile, my boyfriend proposed, the perfect proposal, down on one knee at a fancy Italian restaurant...I cried out of joy yet sadness as I told him "Yes" even thought I knew I shouldn't. But I told myself that this must be what I wanted so I would just have to stop the relationship with the other man, even though all we had done up until that point is talk and kiss a few times. But I coudn't end it. In fact, I ended the engagement, much to my family's disappointment. My boyfriend found out about the "other man", yet I reassured him that I'd be rid of him and we'd be able to work things out. That was 6 months ago. Yesterday I finally ended things with the "other man". I'm supposed to be working on my relationship with my once-fiancee now-kinda-sorta-boyfriend. Why? Because it will make everyone else happy. My family loves him, he can provide for me and take good care of me...But my heart is still with the "other man". I can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm making a big mistake. He told me he loves me though and he'll never forget about me and when I'm ready to be with him that he'll be waiting. He is the most loving, slefless man I have ever met. And I love him terribly. But I care too much about what everyone else thinks is best for me. And I worry that a love like this is too good to be true.


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