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true love's path is never smooth

There is a true story behind the whole "never give up on true love" and its mine.

my story is about the guy i was with for 5 months when this happend, i was 15 and my mom found out about some stuff we were doing, my parents were divorced and we'll geuss you can say my mom sent me to my dads for a cold long month, to get away from him. as soon as i got to my dads i had to call him right away, when i did, i found out my mom had told his mom we weren't aloud to see eachother anymore, so of course both of us were crying. i told him, if it is true love we have, im not about to give up on, she has no right to say who i love, and im not letting you go. we made a promise to eachother that we would stay together, even if it means we couldnt see eachother. we stayed apart for 2 years and when we both turned 17, we moved out, got a place together and now were getting married, and were so very happy we never gave up on eachother. I'm telling people now, true love know's no boundiries, but true love's path is never smooth. so just because someone doesnt want you to be with someone. doesnt me you have to let them go.


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