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with him, I feel like I can do anything

I was 16 back then. He was 18. We met at work, and the first impression of him, when he was going up the stairs was, "another pathetic person at this place." I gave him a weird, mean, look according to him, and just ignored him, he was just another person in this place.

After a couple of months, we started talking. He saw me sitting alone in this table, and he approached me. We started talking, and being a complete nerd, I started a conversation about school and the importance of education. I might have scared him away because he hardly spoke to me after that.

I realized, by the look in his eyes, that he had a crush on my niece, and eventually asked her to prom. Unfortunately, she said no, and he felt really really sad. Approximately two days after my niece saying no, he called me after school and asked me to prom. I cant deny that I wanted to go, but something said that it was wrong for me to go because it seemed that I was his "back-up" and was only using me.

One day, a friend of ours was having a party, a quinceanera, and we were all invited. Deep down inside, I wanted him to go, there was no real reason why, I just wanted him to see me. I called him asking if he was going, and he said he didnt know...he had to catch a flight or something, and he was not sure. After days of unsureness, he said he would go. It was my time to make an impression, since I never, ever, made a good impression on a guy, I was always the "smart one" not the "good looking one."

I bought this black short dress and straightened my hair and wore high heels. I think I looked nice, for once in my life. I went with two of my nieces (one is older, the other is my same age), and then he came. He wore a nice blue shirt, with some khakis. When we were all in the car waiting for the others to come, I told him he looked nice, but he didnt say anything in return...I was devastated.

In the party, I tried sitting next to him, although I didnt succeed, I ended up sitting next to other good friends. We all looked pretty nice, I have to say.

I had to leave early, so I ended taking him to his car, since I took my car to the place and I took him and other friends to the party, and it was pretty cool.

Minutes became hours, hours became days, days became weeks and weeks became months. We started going out after that if that moment gave us an opportunity to know each other and not think of him as a "pathetic" person after all.

Our first date was to see a movie with other friends, but I later found out that he didnt want others to be with us, so he never called them. We went to see a movie, a kids movie, and I was so nervous, although I was 17.

After that, we started going out every Friday and/or Saturday, which ever day we were available. I loved spending time with him, it was so cool, so relaxing, so magical. Everytime I saw him, I felt butterflies in my stomach and felt my knees not responding.

I started having feelings for him, although I still knew that he still liked my niece. I felt bad because I thought that some girls liked him, but how in the world could I hide this feeling that was just starting?

We went out every weekend, and this feeeling was much more powerful. I would go to church every weekend with my parents, and instead of praying for good health, intelligence, and happiness and health to my family, and giving thanks, I would first say, "God, please make him love me. Please make him say, 'do you want to be my girlfriend?'"

My birthday was approaching, and I wanted to be with him, so one day after work, I waited for him and asked him what he was doing this friday (which was my birthday), and he said nothing. He then realized it was going to be my birthday and he said if I wanted to hang out with him. I said yes right away.

On my birthday, we went out to eat, went to the mall, and in the end, he gave me a present...a star named after me. No one has ever given me something like has so perfect. I then gave him a hug. I so wanted to give him a kiss and hug him and tell him that I loved him, and that I just couldnt hide it anymore.

He took me to my car, and he never kissed me. That was a complete disappointment.

Prom was approaching and I wanted to go...but with him. If I was going, I would like to go with him. He knew prom was coming, but he never asked me if he could go with me. I had no date, and it was sad. All of my friends had dates, except me. I had bought this dress, beautiful dress some time ago and would wear it, but what was the point if I couldnt impress the one I wanted to impress? I ended up going, but sad in a way.

After prom, lets just say that I shouldnt have done what I did, and started texting him and telling him how much I loved him and that I missed him and that I wish he was here. He texted the same thing! I was so happy, but so miserable at the same time.

Next day I had to work, and I saw my cell phone and read the texts...what was I thinking? I called him after going to this party and told him that I needed to talk to him. We met up at the mall, and it was the most embarrasing moment in my life...I wanted to tell him that I loved him and that I needed him, but how could I tell him? Finally, after an hour or stalling, I told him, "you know the texts...well...they are true." He was shocked and said, "you know I love you, too." I was so happy...there are no words to explain what I felt.

Now, after a year two months and nine days of going out with him, I have to say that he is the best thing that God has ever given me. He is my life, he is my everyting, and I love him more than life itself. I know now that without him, I am no one, that with him, I feel like I can do anything, and that he is and will be the only love in my life. He once said that there are a lot of love stories in the world, but we have ours, and it is unique. The only thing different, though, is that our story, like he said, has no ending...


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