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Iíll see you in my dreams

We fall in love and marry when we are young and bypass experiences that later in life, come back to feed the passion that except for one person, has lay dormant for all of these years.

She is beautiful, embraceable, of sweet smile and unforgeable voice that keeps echoing in my head reminding me of her presence.

Why do I feel this way? I love my spouse, would not dare do anything that would hurt her but...

I see her again and my heart races. Pleasurable warmth travels through my veins like forest fire. Do I sense a trickle of interest on her part or is it just my clouded mind hoping for a sign that tells me that there may be a chance ? And if so, what would I do? do I brake the vow made twenty five years ago when young and innocent or do I continue to love in silence, feeding the passion by fantasizing of holding her in my arms and feeling her body, pressed against mine and inhaling her fragrance, once more, until the next time I see her.

I am back home again. I saw her today. Three more sessions to go and her image will only come to me in my thoughts and in my dreams.

Never took you into my arms,
Still l felt the thrill of your charms.
Lips that were not mine,
Tender eyes that shine,
They will light my way tonight.
Iíll see you in my dreams.


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