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she just shrugged her shoulders as if to say "here I am, I am yours forever."

I was 18, a freshmen kid playing major college basketball so needless to say I was in a big transition period in my life, but this was the year I feel so madly in love with an incredible person. I did not get to enjoy my summer after I graduated because I had to move away and take summer classes so I had a lot of adjusting to do, especially since I did not know anybody and the pressures that are thrust upon college athletes. So after the summer ended things got even tougher schedule wise and I felt like I didn't have any type of social life until one day. One of my friends from high school called me and said that she was going to visit me that night because she and one of her girlfriends were going to be passing thru. So after basketball practice I went back to my dorm and soon I heard my door open and my friends walked in, then slowly after her friend that I had never met before came in, and I seriously felt my heart drop, and all of the sudden I got some major butterflies in my stomach. I had a girlfriend in high school but it was nothing special, but I immediatley fell in love with this new found angel. I can picture it so vividly, she walked in and just gave me a very shy smile. She was gorgeous, just naturally a beautiful girl, little did I know that eventually I would find that she is even more beautiful on the inside. So we all hung out with some of my teammates that night and then my friend said that she was going to stay on campus for the night, me and my new found love felt so comfortable together that we spent hours talking that night, then I gave her my bed and slept on the floor, because we were both shy and I respect women to the fullest. So the next morning she left and we exchanged numbers and began talking for hours each day, I felt renewed, I was so happy, she brightened my life so much and for the first time ever I felt that my life was perfect. She came and visited me every single weekend and about a month later we confessed our love for eachother and said that there was no one else in this world for either one of us. She was so unselfish, driving 4 hours and never missing any of my games, I could not have appreciated her more. She was the love of my life, we could talk about anything, we went to church together because we had the same love for God and never fought. She had Christmas with my family and they fell even more in love with her than me maybe!! She brought a gingerbread house over to make with my little sisters and cousins and that was the moment that I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, we were incredible together. But then a couple things happened in both of our lives that made us start to have little fights, and while all of this was going on I began playing poorly, which really started to mess up my universe. So after about a month and a half of fighting I did one of the most selfish and stupid things I have ever done, with tears streming down my face I asked her if we could take a break until the summer so I could concentrate on basketball. We just cried together holding eachother for the whole night, she loved me so much that she abided. I chose a game over the love of my life, I still cannot believe that. So summer came around and I felt like an indiot, but an idiot who wanted to be with the love of my life for the rest of my life. I called and confessed my regret and feelings and she told me that she met somebody. I felt like somebody shot me, I was devasted, but it was my fault. So basically 2 years have passed and she wass still seeing this guy, and I have not been able to make any relationships work. I never cried prior to this reationship, but I'd say Ive cried a hindred times since that news, all over her. The funny thing is that we have kept contact and I could still tell she loves me, but I was being the good guy that wouldnt break up a happy home until this year. I started telling her how I felt and just went for it, she stopped talking to me for like 4 months, I texted her here and there but was respectful. I have left her a ticket to every single one of my games, and told her that there is always a seat for her. I started to think we were over until one day, the best day of my life: I was in a very intense game in front of 17,000 people and I happened to look over at my seat and she was just sitting there, she just shrugged her shoulders as if to say "here I am, I am yours forever." I almost started crying on the court, I was so happy, so after I played the game of my life I just went over and grabbed her, and had that moment I had been waiting for for over 2 years. My angle was back in my life and this time I will not let her leave, I will treat her better than any guy has ever treated a girl, because she deserves it and I love her more than life itself.


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