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I can’t wait for the next session to see her again.

I saw her today again. We talked. I told her funny stories and she laughed. Perfect teeth, sensuous lips and bright eyes that shine like black diamonds. God how I love to make her laugh!

I am beginning to think that she enjoys these sessions but never as much as I do. I have not felt this way in a very long time and as much as I fight the feeling, it keeps coming at me like warm waves crashing against my body, my soul.

She says that she plans to go out the next night and do a little dancing and having a few cocktails; “I need it” she says. She tells me the place and the time. Could it be an invitation?

Someone approaches us, one of her co-workers. She tells her of her plans and they agree to meet there. “My husband is out of town this weekend” her friend says “we will have a little fun”.

By now my mind is spinning so fast I am almost fainting. I am certain that this is the opportunity to be with her in an environment more suitable for …romance?

So, I ask, “how are you going to get away from YOUR husband tomorrow night? At this time I am waiting for her to explain that her husband is also out of town or that he does not mind that she goes out with her friends but the answer does not come from her...

“She is not getting away” her friend says. “She can never get away from him, he will be there too” she adds with laughter.

I can’t wait for the next session to see her again.


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