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i will show you how much we will love each other

im sorry for all of this stuff that happened this week. i know i made you cry, and thats the worst thing possible. everywhere i am, everyone i talk to, every breath i take it relates to you. everything i do i think of you. you don't understand how much you mean to me everyday every night till i die i want you next to me. i just wished you called my phone. i've called you and you ignored. i'm sad and no one cares. i wanna be the guy that you call on nights when your scared and need someone to talk to. i wanna be the guy you call baby, i wanna be the guy who you can tell every single one of your secrets. i wanna be the guy who's hands hurt like hell for holding your hands all day. i wanna be the guy who's voice you can pick out from a crowed of a million people. i wanna be the guy who when your scared you can goto. i wanna be the guy who can push into a pool as a surprise. i wanna be the guy who can try to run and find the end of the rainbow to look for the pot of gold so we can be rich and buy a house with a hammock. sitting on the hammock together holding hands cuddling close to each other watching the night sky. attempting to count the stars and play the star game. the star game is for each star you see you have to name one thing you love about the person. and i'm so good at that. i would give you those kisses that you love. the kisses on the neck. put my head on your chest. and look right up at your face and just smile. i love it. theres so much things baby. i love you so much. i'm like so sick of love songs because they get me thinking of you. and they make me wanna go crazy. i'm so sick of night time. because i remember how me and you used to say good night baby i love you so much sweet dreams. we wont ever be able to say that anymore. i got to change the calender i had its not June 25 because since theres no more you theres no anniversary's. i'm going to miss a lot of things sara. i'm already starting to miss you. every night before i went to bed i always thanked god of having an angel named sara. i was so lucky at the time to have you. i made sure i treated you like an angel. i made sure you were happy all the time. i made sure you were living the life of a princess. i did things that other people would never do. i've had planned to do so many adorable things further in our relationship that would have made your heart stop. every time i felt your skin it felt like i was touching something that has never been discovered. something worth more then everybody's money put together in this world. is there anything i could do for you? you know i love you girl, and you know i always will i wanna be with you forever till the day i get killed. i remember the days just me and you. so special, so unbelievable. how me and you were under the table. i was putting my head on your chest rubbing your hair. flirting with you, making us fall slowly. but now that your gone what you want me to do, your so special. but i guess you cant believe a i can't change life without you is like weaving through lanes. i just wanna see you, touch you, and even breath you just for a minute i just wish the pain you can see through i need you, and thats right from the heart. and i'm really really sorry for the fights we had. your a goddess and princess, a an gel from heaven. and darling i have been looking for you since the age of 11. you cant be gone, this pain cant be real. sara please listen. i need you to go on. you have stole a piece of me and my heart is long gone. i'm sorry, i reliesed i was the problem. i guess thats what i get because i'm sitting here sobbing. and i know you remember the times we had together. hanging out cuddling together making people jealous. if i could, i would give you the world i would try my best. give me a last chance. our connection was special our love was real thats why i cant give up, your everything to me. listen to what i say it comes from the soul. your my other half. were meant to be. please i need you to take away the ache, take away the pain. i wish that i haven't screwed up baby. we were going so smoothly. everything was perfect but then danielle jumps in. right now i'm laying in bed. thinking of all the ways how i could have made this much better. i miss the way we used to tell each other our dreams. how we used to say cute things to each other. how we used to say the most stupidest things ever. i want this all back. ill give my life away if i can get this back. i sware and i promise you if you give me just one more change i will show you i can maintain without fighting. without people saying shit to us. without fights and drama starting. i promise you. i will make sure no one will hurt you. ill make sure that you will never hear anything bad. because i will take care of the people saying shit right now. i will be screaming my throat off. words cant explain how much i love you. i will never hurt you sara. i wont be a cheater. i promise the love we have for each other will mean so much to you. will stay locked up in our hearts forever. it will be the one wish that everybody in hackettstown will wish for. they will with that they had the same relationship with there boy or girl that were having. the love i have for you is so strong. i wish we can give it another chance. i will show you how much we will love each other and care for each other. <3


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