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we still havn't meet in real life

I miss you so much ROCHELLE

I meat this girl named Rochelle and immediately i fell in love with her. But as surprising as it seems it was on the internet! She asked if i knew a friend of mine and i said yes and it turns out she was going out with him! I was heart-broken but what really made it worse was he was CHEATING on her! I couldn't tell her because she might have thought i was making it up and would hate me.

I Talked to her a lot and enjoyed every moment. While i couldn't tell her about her boyfriend cheating we talked alot and we practically had everything alike! I was still in love with her.

BUT! one day hey was done with her and went to another girlfriend! She thought he was her true love but really she was just another girlfriend to him. I wish i had warned you earlier Rochelle. After that she was suffering from depression and had many thoughts of suicide. Fortunately i was there for her to lean on. It was my time to shine. WHen i loved her for almost a year she finally fell in love with me. Thats when things really took off.
Now i forgot to tell you we still havn't meet in real life. After one and a half years we havn't meet. She has meet my friends and i had meet her's and they would tell each other to us. We both had a small imagination of how we might look like but it wasn't till we meeet for the first time i knew it was her. I love you alot Rochelle

-this is part one i dont want to make it too long so i made it into two parts-


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