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if only he didnt move...

Ok, so my best friend and i have known eachother for a LONG time, we used to go to school with eachother, but during the middle of 6th grade he had to move to new york.. his parents split up :( well we talked a lot on myspace and we stayed up late IMing eachother, and one day, he said ''i have a confession'' i answered "ok?" lol and just waited for him to tell me wat he wanted to say and he said " i love you. and i always have." i started going crazy (in my mind of course) and i deep down have always loved him. i told him that, but we both decided it would be too hard to have a long distance relationship as kids... i do like another boy tho, he was on my brothers baseball team and next year i am going to his school, (my mom got me transfered) so i will be able to get to know him... but i know i will never get my best friend out of my mind, i LOVE him. but he is far away, and i like the boy on my brothers team A LOT and want to get to know him. i dont know what to do... but i always know i will always LOVE my best friend, he tells me i am sweet, and that i am beautiful, and the nicest person he knows and that i care more about people than i do myself (which he finds nice)i know many of you out there would think i am too young to be in true love, but i know i am., if only he didnt move...


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