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fate made me forgot my key that day

Well i believe strongly in fate and on this particualr day it seemed to be on my side. I go down the beach everyday in the summer holidays and it became such an average thing that is the last place i would have thought of finding love. It started when i was in the ocean with my friend (who is a guy) and his friend. I saw my friends brother hanging out with this extremely good looking boy. The whole day i simpl could not take my eyes off, though i tryed not to make it too obvious. I had almost forgot about as the hours at the beach passed.

My friend, who ussualy always comes in the ocean with me refused to come in as he said he was to tired and needed to rest. I am 15 and ussualy go home whenever i get bored down the beach, but today i has left my key to the house at home, so i had to stay down the beach until my parents util they wanted to go. I was very bored so i decided to go back and have a swim in the ocean by myself. It was then that i saw the same boy from earlier laying in a rubber ring and i could see from the corner of my eye that he was looking at me. I am normally very shy around boys i do not know but i got this rush of confidence and started talking to him. We talked for ten minutes until i was going home, so we said bye and he told me he would be down the next day about 2.00pm.

The next day i rushed down at 2 and the beach was very crowded but i could see no sign of him any where. After an hour i realised he wasnt coming and i forgot my key. My dad said i wasnt allowed to go home as i had been so forgetful. I was very bored and 10 minutes later i made the excuse i was sunburnt and needed to go home and get suncream. I went home for 10 minutes, walked back to the beach although i felt slightly upset that i would never see that boy again, as i felt there was something special about him. I didnt expect him to come but when i returned to the beach he was there, sitting right next to my family. At that moment i felt as light as a feather with relief and happiness because he had come. We spent every minute of that day together after that and i felt incredibly attracted to him. That day i was going to ask for his instant messaging adress but he asked me first.
He told me he probably could not come tommorow as he has to pack for his holiday.

The next day i walked down to the beach again and within 2 minutes he, his family and his friend ha come. The beach was deserted today as the weather was windy and the waves were massive. He said that he was going to the salts to have his lunch with his family and would be back soon. I doubted he would come but half an hour later there he was again. This was the day i realised that i was more than just attracted to him. The whole day he included me in conversation with him and his friend and looked after me, by giving me his towel when i was cold and holding my hand in the sea to make sure i was ok because of the big waves.

That evening i talked to him on MSN and i waited for him to ask me to be his girlfriend. In the end i got a sudden push of confidence from my friend over the phone, so i asked him to be my boyfriend. He said yes straight away. We did not know a lot about each over at that time but there was a strong connection between us. We have know been in a relationship for 2 and a half weeks, he is on holiday at the moment but everyday tells me how much he misses me and cant wait to see me. I am just so happy that fate made me forgot my key that day and that i met him. Something inside me tells me that are relationship is going to last a long time.


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